100 Days of School

My children are quickly approaching 100 days of school. For little ones, this is an exciting accomplishment! 100 days of learning. 100 days of making friends. 100 days of a different environment, that now feels like home!

Our schools love to celebrate this day. Does your child’s school do anything to mark this day? My kiddos dress like they are 100 days old and they also bring 100 pieces of a small item to count. I like to see all the different ways schools make 100 days special.

100th-day-of-school-books-editing-file (1)

Maria Gavin, Founder of Kinder-Craze, put together a list of her top 50 books to mark this milestone. You can also find a creative list for classroom celebrations. Happy 100 days!

A friend of mine and I were talking about how her son was having a hard time adjusting to the school year. All children react differently to a change in routine, and school surely makes the days more busy! We have to remember to slow down and listen when the littles in our lives are struggling. It can be helpful to set aside time to decompress after school before jumping into the evening activities.

  • Greeting your child with a hug and a smile before asking about homework. I have my kids tell me about their days on their own terms. While we are in the car driving home, I will ask about recess or special area to keep the conversation fun.
  • Coloring or working on puzzles can be a great way to unwind. It keeps their hands busy while helping their minds calm.
  • Free play is important! As adults, we don’t think about ‘unscheduled, unplanned’ time as much as kids do. With a new school year, comes schedules and that can cause the dreaded afternoon meltdowns. Even 15 minutes of free play can lead to a calmer evening.



Our friends at For The Love To wrote an article on how she helps her daughter after starting kindergarten and we really enjoyed it! I tried her calming bath tips and both of my boys enjoyed it so much. We have put this in our nightly routine! I hope all of your children are off to a great year!