“It is love of the process, a positive attitude, and the desire to improve that make children into ‘can-do’ kids,” says Shari Young Kuchenbecker, PhD, Spokesperson for the ADA and a psychologist & child development consultant in Los Angeles.


Congratulations to Tucker, age 5, for accomplishing 75% of his Kindergarten reading level goal. We are so proud at how determined you tackle sounding out the most difficult words. With your effort, you are sure to blow that end of year goal out of the water!

We’d love to praise YOUR READER. Email us a photo and a reading goal your child has accomplished. We look forward to celebrating all of our little friends.


One of the most important ways to encourage your reader is to offer praise when goals are accomplished. Big or small, when your child overcomes a challenge, it is a celebration!  It can be anything from learning their sight words for the week, moving up a reading level, finishing a long book, or reading independently, etc. Your child’s confidence will grow each time their effort pays off.


Grayson, age 6, has moved up a reading level! We are so proud of all the extra work he is putting in to become a ready reader.

Kids Reveal Book Box wants to celebrate with your family.  To have your child spotlighted in our new feature, email us a photo and a reading goal they have accomplished!

A Box Delivery


One of the greatest joys for us is to see little hands opening our boxes. At Kids Reveal Book Box, we love to read! When you love something, you share it. Seeing your children enjoying their books is the best ‘thank you’ we can receive.

Kaelin from Dunn Family Fun shared her little guys opening their first Kids Reveal Book Box. Jude has already read his books more than once! Check out the great job they did coloring the box! Our new packaging was designed to add an extra fun feature for your children.



Raising Readers


“We want to get kids reading, but they are under increasing pressure to do so, and it can overshadow the joy of this wonderful shared activity,” says Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D., a professor emerita at Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the author of Taking Back Childhood.

As parents, it is our responsibility to show our children how fun reading can be. This can often be forgotten about because we get wrapped up in this busy life. Between the responsibilities of work, sports, clubs, and homework, it feels like there isn’t much time left for fun. Scrub all of that away and remember what it is like to climb aboard a bus and go to outer space. Remember what it is like to talk with a cat in a hat about green eggs. After all, raising a reader is easier to accomplish if its FUN!

  1. Don’t stop reading to them! After your child learns to read, make time to read aloud together. Most things are more enjoyable with a buddy.
  2. Let your child choose the book. Yes, it is faster to choose the book for them, but they will be more willing to participate if they are interested in the book.
  3. Show them how fun reading is by letting your kids ‘catch’ you reading. It is important to show them that reading can be a lifelong hobby.
  4. Make believe with them! As adults, we can lose the magic of using your imagination. Let your children remind you what it is like to pretend.

Happy reading!