Kids Will Change the World

At Kids Reveal Book Box, we love to give back. It inspires us when children do the same! Meet Jake and Max Klein. When these teens were denied volunteer opportunities because they were too young, they took matters into their own hands.

Jake and Max launched Kids That Do Good, an online database for children of any age to search for volunteer opportunities in their area. The search engine is user friendly and allows families to search by age, location, or interests. Kids That Do Good is growing every day and charities include everything from helping the homeless to launching a food drive to providing Thanksgiving meals for the needy and working with wildlife at animal rescue center.

The twins didn’t stop there. They added a teacher resource page which includes lesson plans, readings, and tools for educators to teach children why giving back is important and how to do it.

Motivated kids like this are changing the world! Great work Jack and Max.

Gracious Hearts

This time of year I like to remind my children to be grateful for all the luxuries they have been provided. In November, we go around the table and say one thing we are thankful for each night before we eat. It keeps us humble and promotes a caring atmosphere. We read books on being gracious. Because the weather is chilly, we look for inside activities that are fun, use the beauty of autumn, and instill thankfulness in our hearts.

The Artful Parent put together this great list. I am looking forward to painting rocks and writing what we are grateful for. I plan to fill jars with the rocks and use them as centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinner. Do you have a favorite fall activity?

The Future is Bright

“Books can work wonders in people’s lives. They can enable someone to become educated and make a better life for themselves. They are empowering and powerful” -Maria Keller

Books inspire children. We love to hear stories of children who are doing incredible things because of their love of reading and Maria Keller is remarkable.  Maria began Read Indeed when she was 8 years old and her original goal was to collect and distribute 1 million books to kids in need by the time she turned 18. She accomplished that goal before the age of 13! See how she put her dream in action!



The future is bright with role models like Maria showing that no matter your age, you can impact lives in a positive way .


Giving Back

At Kids Reveal Book Box, our “Buy a Box, Give a Book” promise ensures that for every Kids Box purchased, a book is donated to a child in need. Helping children is integrated into our giving partners’ everyday work in community and educational development. They provide school support and more than just books to kids in need around the world.

The mission of the Books for Kids Foundation is to promote literacy among all children with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk preschool-aged children. Books for Kids creates libraries, donates books, and implements literacy programs to develop the critical early foundation and skills which young children need to be successful in life.

Books for Kids began as an informal project to collect and distribute 1,000 books to under-served children for the holidays. It quickly took on much greater dimension when they gave away 2,000 books in the first year and 9,000 in the next. It was clear to their founders that an organization providing age-appropriate books for children with little or no access to the resources they needed was necessary. Books for Kids has been helping children for 32 years.

We are proud to partner with them. After all, children are our future.

Make a Difference

We are proud to support Project Night Night.  Since 2005, Project Night Night has given comfort and security to over 250,000 homeless children. In 2018, they were voted one of the top-rated nonprofits.

By providing objects of reliable comfort, Project Night Night reduces trauma and advances the emotional and cognitive well-being of the children we serve.

Every child who receives one of the Night Night Packages leaves the shelter owning a book which encourages reading and family bonding, a security blanket which can be cuddled, and a stuffed animal which can become a cherished friend. They have one objective – to deliver a Night Night Package to every homeless child in the country who needs one.


Make a Difference

According to Bernie’s Book Bank, a Chicago-based charity, the ratio of books to children in low-income neighborhoods is 1:300, and 61% of low-income homes do NOT have children’s books.

We are working to change that. For every Kids Reveal Bool Box sold, we will donate a book to a child in need.

Bernie’s Book Bank will receive books! The same books from the Kids Reveal Book Boxes sold this month. Help us donate as many books as we can by signing your child up at today!

We are proud to support Bernie’s Book Bank!