It Is Bitterly Cold… Now What?

I LOVED this activity and my 5 and 6 year old found it just as fun. It was a great way to occupy my kiddos during the bitter cold holiday yesterday! Be sure to check out ALL things @mystorytimecorner. I have loved following her!

“OVER AND UNDER INVITATION 📚 I love this series of books. They are wonderful for discussing seasons and our world and the animals all around us. 📚 Winter looks very different here in Southern California than what’s depicted in this book so this seemed like an especially good invitation for my kids – but I think no matter what your season or weather is right now, inviting them to think and imagine what’s over and especially under them right now is a fun idea. ❄️ Like most of our morning invitations – this was super simple. Book + Paper with a line drawn across + index card with a question + crayons = easy, creative activity to start our day. ⭐️ Have a simple invitation or activity to share? I’d love to see them. Tag me or share with the hashtag#30morninginvitations to add to the collection of ideas!”

Be sure to visit Erin and all of her fantastic ideas on her website!

Happy reading -Christina

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