DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Has your child decided what type of box they will make? If your children are anything like mine, they change their minds a hundred times before settling on an idea. It can be helpful to give them some inspiration. Here are some of our favorites:







The most important part is to have fun and let your kiddo’s creativity shine. Happy Valentine’s Day from Kids Reveal Book Box!


Role Models in Today’s Society

With all the pressures children are faced with and bullying, how do you educate your kiddos who to look up to? Of course we can lead by example. We can tell them who we look up to. We can teach them right from wrong, but is that enough? Do you know of peer role models for your children? Do you tell them what qualities they should look for in a role model?

Every family educates their children differently in this area. I like to show my boys which traits to look for in a peer leader. We talk about how actions make others feel but using flash cards that display an emotion. Their school teaches five habits that display personal responsibility as well as leadership skills. We reenact situational conflicts that require a reaction out of them. I want the best for my children in all aspects of the world, but above all else, I want them to be kind.

At ages five and six, their acceptance of all people is admirable. I want them to always  hold on to that. This article from Roots of Action incredible. I believe it is timeless and for any age. The story gives examples of qualities to look for in a child role model, while allowing your kiddos to choose their own influences. Check it out!

Stay kind, and happy reading.



100 Days of School

My children are quickly approaching 100 days of school. For little ones, this is an exciting accomplishment! 100 days of learning. 100 days of making friends. 100 days of a different environment, that now feels like home!

Our schools love to celebrate this day. Does your child’s school do anything to mark this day? My kiddos dress like they are 100 days old and they also bring 100 pieces of a small item to count. I like to see all the different ways schools make 100 days special.

100th-day-of-school-books-editing-file (1)

Maria Gavin, Founder of Kinder-Craze, put together a list of her top 50 books to mark this milestone. You can also find a creative list for classroom celebrations. Happy 100 days!

Kids Will Change the World

At Kids Reveal Book Box, we love to give back. It inspires us when children do the same! Meet Jake and Max Klein. When these teens were denied volunteer opportunities because they were too young, they took matters into their own hands.

Jake and Max launched Kids That Do Good, an online database for children of any age to search for volunteer opportunities in their area. The search engine is user friendly and allows families to search by age, location, or interests. Kids That Do Good is growing every day and charities include everything from helping the homeless to launching a food drive to providing Thanksgiving meals for the needy and working with wildlife at animal rescue center.

The twins didn’t stop there. They added a teacher resource page which includes lesson plans, readings, and tools for educators to teach children why giving back is important and how to do it.

Motivated kids like this are changing the world! Great work Jack and Max.

It Is Bitterly Cold… Now What?

I LOVED this activity and my 5 and 6 year old found it just as fun. It was a great way to occupy my kiddos during the bitter cold holiday yesterday! Be sure to check out ALL things @mystorytimecorner. I have loved following her!

“OVER AND UNDER INVITATION 📚 I love this series of books. They are wonderful for discussing seasons and our world and the animals all around us. 📚 Winter looks very different here in Southern California than what’s depicted in this book so this seemed like an especially good invitation for my kids – but I think no matter what your season or weather is right now, inviting them to think and imagine what’s over and especially under them right now is a fun idea. ❄️ Like most of our morning invitations – this was super simple. Book + Paper with a line drawn across + index card with a question + crayons = easy, creative activity to start our day. ⭐️ Have a simple invitation or activity to share? I’d love to see them. Tag me or share with the hashtag#30morninginvitations to add to the collection of ideas!”

Be sure to visit Erin and all of her fantastic ideas on her website!

Happy reading -Christina

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Today is a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is so important to teach our children the sacrifices Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because of him, children are able to attend the same school as their friends. They are able to play on the same playground, drink from the same water fountain, and ride the same bus, without giving an extra thought. As parents, explaining the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. helps them give an extra thought to the meaning of equality. Teaching your children, no matter what age they are, will provide them with the tools to take them through a lifetime of understanding.

Books are a wonderful resource when trying to help children understand history. They help provide facts in a way that children of any age group can process. I love this list from Brightly

Having these discussions show kids how far we have come as a nation and how far we have left to go. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream shows the passion, ideals, and actions of even ONE person can change our entire world for the better.

My children ask questions. They remember and recall our conversations months later.

Because they need to.

Because we all should.

Happy reading!


“It is love of the process, a positive attitude, and the desire to improve that make children into ‘can-do’ kids,” says Shari Young Kuchenbecker, PhD, Spokesperson for the ADA and a psychologist & child development consultant in Los Angeles.


Congratulations to Tucker, age 5, for accomplishing 75% of his Kindergarten reading level goal. We are so proud at how determined you tackle sounding out the most difficult words. With your effort, you are sure to blow that end of year goal out of the water!

We’d love to praise YOUR READER. Email us a photo and a reading goal your child has accomplished. We look forward to celebrating all of our little friends.